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Patent drafting stands as the initial and, arguably, the most pivotal step in the entire patent lifecycle. Regardless of the innovation's brilliance, a poorly drafted patent can jeopardize the rightful return on investment. Such deficiencies may open doors for potential infringers to exploit loopholes, or worse, result in the loss of patent rights due to issues like improper enablement or inadequate explanation of the invention.

A well-crafted patent draft not only ensures proper enablement of the invention but also encompasses all conceivable embodiments of the innovation. Often, inventors may not foresee every potential variation of their creation. A skilled patent drafter collaborates closely with inventors to safeguard the broadest scope of the invention through meticulously crafted claims.

Consideration for Prosecution

Effective patent drafting should also anticipate the prosecution phase, preparing the specification to support necessary amendments that may arise during the patent application's review.

Effectual Services Expertise

At Effectual Services, we have cultivated extensive expertise in drafting patents, encompassing both provisional and complete patent specifications. Our drafts are meticulously tailored to adhere to the specific statutory requirements of the target patent office where the application is to be filed. Our drafters undergo training from leading Patent Attorneys, benefiting from the experience of drafting hundreds of patent applications and becoming well-versed in the procedures of respective Patent and Trademark Offices (PTOs).

Stringent Quality Assurance

All of our drafts undergo a comprehensive review and verification process against a client-approved quality checklist. Our track record speaks volumes, as we have successfully drafted patent applications across diverse technical domains for filing at renowned patent office’s such as the USPTO, EPO, IPO, Australia patent office, and WIPO (PCT applications).

Diverse Expertise

Our exceptional team comprises Engineers, individuals with Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degrees from various technical backgrounds, including Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Life Sciences. Many team members hold law degrees and possess relevant industrial experience, making them ideally suited for patent drafting.

Our Approach to Patent Drafting

When crafting a patent application at Effectual Services, we prioritize :

Meticulous Understanding

We ensure a comprehensive grasp of the invention by leveraging the client's disclosure or conducting interviews with the inventor.

Precise Novelty Definition

We define the exact novelty of the invention based on information and existing prior art.

Background and Field of Invention

We establish the context by describing the existing art in the Background and Field of Invention sections.

Broadest Independent Claims

We draft the broadest possible Independent claims and incorporate multiple independent claims targeting all conceivable embodiments of the invention.

Comprehensive Specifications

We provide comprehensive patent specifications that describe all potential embodiments of the invention.

At Effectual Services, we view patent drafting as an art form, combining technical expertise with legal acumen to safeguard and maximize the value of your intellectual property.


The methodology of patent drafting involves broadly understanding, defining novelty, drafting claims and specification.

Scope of the Project

The drafting encompasses the critical task of patent drafting, a pivotal step in securing intellectual property rights. The goal is to ensure that well-drafted patents encompass all possible embodiments of an invention, effectively protecting innovation across multiple jurisdictions.

The Patent drafting is conducted in six phases, following a structured approach

Methodology The project is executed in 6 phases. Effectual Services proposes the following methodology to be adopted for the project
Step 1

Invention Understanding

We collaborate closely with inventors, utilizing their disclosures or conducting interviews to achieve a flawless understanding of the invention.

Step 2

Novelty Definition

We define the exact novelty of the invention by meticulously evaluating the provided information and identifying existing prior art.

Step 3

Background and Field of Invention

We set the stage by establishing the background and field of the invention, providing context within the existing art.

Step 4

Drafting Independent Claims

We craft the broadest possible independent claims, ensuring they encompass all potential embodiments of the invention.

Step 5

Multiple Dependent Claims

We include multiple dependent claims within the patent application, strategically targeting various aspects and embodiments of the innovation.

Step 6

Comprehensive Patent Specifications

We prepare patent specifications that comprehensively describe all potential embodiments of the invention, ensuring that each aspect is well-documented.

1. The deliverables will include meticulously drafted patent applications in digital formats such as PDF and Word files.
2. Provisional and complete patent specifications customized for the targeted jurisdiction will be provided.
3. The final documents will be delivered as clearly structured PDF files and editable Word files for client convenience.

Why Choose us?

There are several compelling reasons to choose Effectual Services for your Patent Drafting needs :

Expertise and Experience

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in patent drafting and intellectual property law, ensuring top-quality patent applications.

Technical Diversity

Our diverse team includes experts from various technical fields, enabling us to comprehend and accurately represent a wide range of inventions.

Global Filing Capabilities

We offer the capability to draft patent applications for filing in multiple jurisdictions, facilitating international protection of your innovations.

Comprehensive Understanding

We prioritize a thorough understanding of your invention through collaboration with inventors and meticulous analysis, reducing the risk of ambiguities or loopholes.

Strategic Drafting

Our approach includes defining exact novelty, establishing background and field of invention, and crafting broad independent claims to protect all possible embodiments strategically.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality control processes, including multi-level reviews, ensure the precision and completeness of our patent drafts.

Proven Track Record

We have a successful history of drafting patent applications across diverse technical fields and filing them with patent offices worldwide.

Legal and Industrial Expertise

Many of our team members hold legal degrees and possess relevant industrial experience, making them ideal for patent drafting.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our patent drafting solutions to meet the specific statutory requirements of different patent offices, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize your satisfaction through open communication, accommodating your preferences, and delivering high-quality patent drafts promptly.

Comprehensive Specifications

We emphasize the drafting of comprehensive patent specifications, providing a detailed description of all possible embodiments of your invention.

Support Throughout Prosecution

Our drafts are designed to support necessary amendments during the prosecution phase, helping you navigate any challenges that may arise.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective patent drafting services, maximizing the value of your intellectual property investment.

Protection Against Infringement

Our well-crafted patent applications reduce the risk of potential infringers exploiting loopholes, enhancing your IP protection.

Efficient and Timely Service

We focus on delivering patent drafts efficiently and within agreed timelines, ensuring the timely filing and protection of your inventions.

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Case Study

Revolutionizing Healthcare Diagnostics: A Patent Drafting Success


Our client, a pioneering healthcare technology start-up, aimed to patent their ground breaking diagnostic device. They sought comprehensive protection for their invention in multiple jurisdictions to secure a competitive edge in the market.


The client had developed an innovative diagnostic tool that significantly improved the accuracy and speed of disease detection. The technology was poised to disrupt the healthcare industry, making patent protection critical.

What We Did

Our team embarked on a meticulous patent drafting strategy. We collaborated closely with the client to understand the nuances of their invention. Our experts drafted a patent application that not only covered the core technology but also encompassed all potential variations and applications. By crafting broad, strategically worded claims and comprehensive specifications, we ensured the client's innovation received robust protection. We successfully filed patent applications in key global markets, safeguarding their competitive advantage.

Innovating Sustainable Energy: Patent Drafting Excellence


A renewable energy company approached us with a cutting-edge technology for harnessing clean energy from unconventional sources. Their objective was to secure strong patent protection to attract investors and establish their leadership in the green energy sector.


The client's technology harnessed energy from atmospheric conditions in a unique and eco-friendly way. To position themselves as industry leaders, they needed a patent strategy that covered all aspects of their invention.

What We Did

We embarked on an in-depth patent drafting process, collaborating closely with the client's technical team. Our experts conducted exhaustive prior art searches to define the novelty of the invention. We crafted patent claims that encompassed the core technology and all potential applications. By drafting comprehensive patent specifications, we ensured that all embodiments were thoroughly described. As a result, the client received robust patent protection that attracted investors and propelled their green energy solution to the forefront of the market.

Navigating the Complexity of Software Patents


A software development company with a ground breaking algorithm approached us for patent drafting services. Their objective was to protect their intellectual property while ensuring the broadest possible scope of protection for their innovation.


The client's algorithm had the potential to revolutionize data analytics in various industries. However, software patents come with unique challenges, and the client wanted to navigate this complexity effectively.

What We Did

Our patent drafting team, comprising both technical and legal experts, collaborated closely with the client's software engineers. We conducted a thorough analysis of the algorithm's functionality and identified novel aspects. Through strategic drafting, we created patent claims that covered not only the core algorithm but also all potential applications and variations. Comprehensive patent specifications were drafted to ensure a complete description of the technology. By addressing the intricacies of software patents, we provided the client with robust protection, allowing them to confidently bring their innovation to market while deterring potential infringers.

Client testimonial

"Effectual Services patent drafting team transformed our innovations into formidable assets."

Director of R&D

"As a start-up, Effectual services expertise helped us protect our ideas and secure funding."

Start-up Founder

"Strategic patent drafting offered by Effectual Services elevated our IP strategy, enabling global expansion."

Chief Innovation Officer

"Effectual Services precision in drafting captured our complex technology's essence."

Research Scientist

"We rely on Effectual Services patent drafting strategy for competitive advantage in the tech industry."

CTO of Tech Company


Patent drafting involves creating a detailed document that describes an invention and defines its scope of protection. It's crucial because a well-drafted patent can provide strong legal protection for your innovation.

A patent drafter is a professional who specializes in translating complex technical concepts into a patent application. They ensure that the patent application complies with legal requirements and adequately protects the invention.

Look for a provider with expertise in your technical field, a strong track record of successful patent applications, and a client-centric approach. Ask for references and assess their ability to understand your invention thoroughly.

You should provide detailed documentation, drawings, and a clear explanation of your invention. Collaboration with the drafter is key to ensure all aspects of your innovation are covered.

The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the invention and the patent office's processing times. However, it often takes several weeks to several months to complete a patent draft.

The cost of patent drafting varies based on factors such as the complexity of the invention and the jurisdiction where you intend to file the patent. It's advisable to get a customized quote from the service provider.

A provisional patent application provides a placeholder for your invention but doesn't grant full patent rights. A non-provisional application offers complete protection. Depending on your needs, you may start with a provisional application and follow up with a non-provisional one.

While it's possible to draft your own patent application, it's highly recommended to seek professional assistance. Patent law is complex, and a well-drafted application can make a significant difference in the strength of your protection.

After drafting, the patent application is filed with the relevant patent office. The application goes through examination, and if approved, a granted patent is issued, providing exclusive rights to the inventor.
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