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When it comes to patent drafting, specialization is key. While many patent drafters are well-versed in drafting US patents, the landscape changes when it comes to drafting Indian patents. Indian patent laws differ significantly, emphasizing what can be patented rather than what cannot.

At Effectual Services, we stand as experts in the art of drafting Indian patent applications, both provisional and complete, meticulously tailored to adhere to the intricate statutory requirements of Indian patent laws. Our drafts undergo rigorous scrutiny against comprehensive quality checklists, ensuring compliance with Indian legal standards. We leave no stone unturned in anticipating and encompassing all potential variations of the invention within the application.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have successfully drafted Indian patent applications across a spectrum of technical domains, encompassing Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics, Bio-medical, Pharmaceuticals, and more. Our team comprises adept Indian Patent agents and lawyers, each equipped with the requisite technical background. Collectively, we have crafted and filed over 100 patent applications with the Indian patent office. We also offer tailored services, allowing clients to request drafting for specific sections of the patent application, such as background information or the detailed description.

At Effectual Services, our approach to Indian patent drafting centres on the following key principles

In-Depth Understanding

We begin by establishing a flawless understanding of the invention. This involves meticulous examination of client disclosures or, when necessary, interviewing the client to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the innovation.

Novelty Definition

We define the novelty of the invention based on our thorough understanding and analysis of the existing art. This critical step is vital in the patent drafting process.

Broad Claim Drafting

Our team excels in drafting the final set of claims in the broadest possible manner, while still adhering to the nuances of Indian patent laws. This strategic approach maximizes the protection afforded to your intellectual property.

Comprehensive Specifications

We take pride in drafting complete patent specifications that capture all conceivable embodiments of the invention. This comprehensive approach safeguards your innovation against potential challenges.


The methodology of Indian patent application drafting involves understanding the invention, determining novelty, establishing scope, crafting claims, producing patent specifications, and conducting multiple reviews.

Scope of the Project

The Indian patent applications are drafted for the Indian jurisdiction.

The Indian Patent Application Drafting is conducted in six phases, following a structured approach

Methodology The project is executed in 6 phases. Effectual Services proposes the following methodology to be adopted for the projects
Step 1

Comprehensive Grasp of the Invention

We attain comprehensive grasp of the invention by utilizing the disclosure provided by the client or through direct interviews.

Step 2

Determining Novelty Precisely

We pinpoint the exact uniqueness of the invention by evaluating the disclosure and existing prior arts found through searching on various patent databases.

Step 3

Establishing Context and Invention's Scope

We establish Context and Invention's Scope based on the proper understanding of the invention.

Step 4

Crafting Expansive Independent Claims

We formulate the broadest possible independent claims and incorporate multiple dependent claims within the patent to cover all potential variations of the invention.

Step 5

Producing Comprehensive Patent Specifications

We draft detailed patent specifications from background to detailed description that encompass all conceivable embodiments of the invention.

Step 6

Ensuring quality of the Patent Specification

We ensure the 100% quality of the drafted patent specification through reviews of the drafted specification that are conducted at various levels.

Deliverable Format  The specifications are delivered in the MS word document and the pdf files including the claims, specification, abstract and drawings.

Why Choose us?

There are several compelling reasons to choose Effectual Services for your Indian patent application drafting needs

In-Depth Knowledge of Indian Patent Laws

Our team comprises experienced patent professionals with a deep understanding of Indian patent laws and regulations. This expertise ensures that your patent applications are meticulously crafted to adhere to Indian legal requirements.

Technical Proficiency Across Diverse Fields

We have a diverse team of technical experts who can handle a wide range of inventions across various industries including Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Life Sciences. This breadth of knowledge enables us to effectively draft patents for inventions of varying complexities.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each invention is unique. We collaborate closely with clients to tailor our patent drafting services to their specific needs and objectives, ensuring that every detail is addressed.

Thoroughness and Precision

Our commitment to quality shines through our multi-level review process. We leave no room for errors or ambiguities, delivering comprehensive patent applications that are well-structured and clear.

Cost-Effective Services

We offer competitive pricing for our patent drafting services without compromising on quality. Our transparent fee structure ensures that you receive excellent value for your investment.

Proven Track Record

With a history of successfully drafted patents and satisfied clients, Effectual Services has built a reputation for reliability and excellence in the field of Indian patent application drafting. Our track record speaks to our commitment to deliver quality results.

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Case Study

Optimizing Patent Drafting for a Medical Device Start-up


Our client, a pioneering medical device start-up, aimed to create a strong patent portfolio to secure their innovative medical device in the Indian market.


The client had developed a ground-breaking medical device with unique features, poised to revolutionize patient care. However, they needed a well-crafted patent strategy to protect their intellectual property and attract potential investors and partners.

What we did

Working closely with the client, we formulated a patent drafting strategy that involved

Invention Analysis

Conducting a thorough analysis of the medical device to identify its technical nuances and innovative aspects.

Claims Drafting

Crafting precise patent claims that strategically covered the core functionalities and variations of the medical device.

Specification Enhancement

Improving the patent specification to provide a comprehensive description of the device, emphasizing its unique advantages.

Filing Plan

Developing a strategic filing plan that considered both immediate and future patent applications to optimize protection.

Office Action Preparation

Anticipating potential examiner objections and formulating responses in advance to expedite the examination process.


The patent drafting strategy successfully resulted in a robust patent portfolio for the client's medical device. They were well-positioned to protect their innovation, attract investment, and explore partnership opportunities in the Indian healthcare sector.

Strategic Patent Drafting for an AI Software Developer


Our client, a leading artificial intelligence software developer, sought to secure comprehensive patent protection for their AI algorithms and applications in India.


The client had developed cutting-edge AI algorithms with potential applications across various industries. They recognized the importance of a well-crafted patent strategy to safeguard their intellectual property and establish a strong competitive advantage in the Indian market.

What we did

Collaborating closely with the client, we devised a patent drafting strategy that encompassed

Invention Understanding

In-depth analysis of the AI algorithms and applications to gain a comprehensive understanding of their technical intricacies.

Claims Optimization

Crafting strategically structured patent claims to cover the core functionalities and potential adaptations of the AI technology.

Specification Enrichment

Enhancing the patent specification to provide a detailed and clear explanation of the AI algorithms, enabling comprehensive patent coverage.

Filing Plan

Developing a multi-tiered filing plan that included a combination of provisional and non-provisional patent applications to maximize protection.

Global Considerations

Identifying opportunities for international patent filings to safeguard their AI innovations beyond India.


The strategic patent drafting approach led to the successful establishment of a robust patent portfolio for the client's AI technology. They were well-equipped to protect their innovations, expand their market presence, and explore collaboration opportunities in India's growing AI sector.

Client testimonial

"Working with Effectual Services for our patent drafting needs was a game-changer. Their team's profound knowledge of Indian patent laws and meticulous attention to detail ensured that our inventions were protected effectively. The tailored approach and seamless communication made the entire process a breeze. Thanks to them, our intellectual property is in safe hands!"

AI Scientist

"Choosing Effectual Services for our Indian patent drafting needs was one of the best decisions we made. Their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering support throughout the patent application process made us confident in the protection of our inventions. Their cost-effective solutions coupled with quality service make them our go-to partner for patent services in India."

IP Strategist

"We are extremely satisfied with the patent drafting services provided by Effectual Services. Their ability to grasp complex technical concepts and translate them into clear, legally sound patent applications is commendable. They played a pivotal role in securing our patents, and we look forward to collaborating with them for future innovations."

Academic Researcher


Patent drafting is the process of creating a detailed and legally sound document that describes an invention. It includes technical specifications, claims, and other necessary information to seek patent protection.

Patents in India provide exclusive rights to inventors, allowing them to prevent others from using, making, or selling their invention without permission. It encourages innovation and protects your competitive advantage.

The time to draft a patent application can vary based on the complexity of the invention and client collaboration. On average, it may take several weeks to complete.

The cost of patent drafting services in India depends on various factors, including the complexity of the invention and the extent of legal support required. Contact us for a customized quote.

While it's possible to draft a patent application without professional help, it's highly recommended to work with experienced patent drafters to ensure that your application meets legal standards and provides robust protection.
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