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Industrial Designs provide protection for the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of an article or product. Unlike other forms of Intellectual Property, Industrial Designs rely primarily on visual elements, with minimal verbal specifications. This unique aspect places a significant responsibility on the drafter to effectively convey the entire design through drawings alone. Consequently, design patents encompass not only structural views but also different perspectives such as front view, side view, top view, and even perspective views. In certain special cases, design applications may include three-dimensional views, incorporating visible lines (solid lines) and invisible lines (dotted lines). The art of drafting design patents demands a specialized skill set, acquired through experience in handling various design cases.

Effectual Services specializes in preparing design applications that meet the stringent requirements of the Indian Patent Office. Our seasoned team possesses extensive experience in crafting design applications across diverse domains, including Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Computers, Telecom, Electronics, Mechanical, Automotive, and Consumer Durables. Leveraging cutting-edge tools such as AutoCAD, CorelDraw, SolidWorks, and more, we have consistently delivered error-free, high-quality design applications for law firms and corporate legal departments.

Design patents are a unique facet of Intellectual Property, and our expertise ensures that your ornamental designs receive the protection they deserve. Trust Effectual Services to navigate the intricacies of design patent preparation, helping you safeguard your innovation's aesthetic appeal effectively.


The methodology of design patent application involves broadly creating accurate and detailed drawings, and utilizing industry-standard tools for precise design illustrations.

Scope of the Project

The design patent applications are created for the various designs and cover various domains, including Biotech, Pharmaceutical, IT, Telecom, Electronics, Mechanical, Automotive, and Consumer durables.

The Design Patent application is created in eight phases, following a structured approach

Methodology The project is executed in 8 phases. Effectual Services proposes the following methodology to be adopted for the project
Step 1

Initial Consultation

We understand the client's design, objectives, and domain-specific requirements.

Step 2

Design Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the design to identify its ornamental and aesthetic features.

Step 3

Drawing Creation

We create detailed design drawings that include front view, side view, top view, and perspective view. Special cases may include three-dimensional views with visible (solid lines) and invisible (dotted lines) components.

Step 4

Specification Drafting

We prepare a concise written description of the design, ensuring it complements the drawings while adhering to the limited verbal specifications of design patents.

Step 5

Application Compilation

We compile the design drawings and specifications into a complete design patent application.

Step 6

Quality Assurance

We conduct a rigorous quality check to eliminate errors and ensure a zero-error application.

Step 7


We file the design patent application with the Indian Patent Office, following all required timelines and formalities.

Step 8

Monitoring and Support

We continuously monitor the application's progress, address office actions, and provide necessary support during the prosecution phase.

Deliverable Format
  • Design patent application documents in digital formats (PDF).
  • Detailed design drawings in a format compatible with Indian patent office requirements.
  • Receipts and acknowledgments related to the application filing process.

Why Choose us?

There are several compelling reasons to choose Effectual Services for your Bio-sequence search needs

Expertise and Experience

Our team comprises skilled professionals with extensive experience in design patent application drafting. We have successfully handled a wide range of design patent cases across various industries, ensuring comprehensive protection for your ornamental designs.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and design requirements. Whether your design pertains to biotechnology, electronics, automotive, or any other field, we can prepare a design patent application that aligns with your industry's standards.

Accuracy and Compliance

We understand the importance of precision in design patent applications. Our use of cutting-edge design tools like AutoCAD, Coral DRAW, SolidWorks, and others ensures that your design drawings adhere to the Indian patent office's stringent standards.

Error-Free Applications

Quality assurance is at the core of our services. Our rigorous review process eliminates errors, guaranteeing a zero-error design patent application before submission to the Indian Patent Office.

Timely Filing

We are well-versed in the deadlines and formalities associated with design patent applications. With our support, you can trust that your application will be filed promptly, reducing the risk of losing protection for your ornamental design.

Continuous Support

We provide ongoing support throughout the patent prosecution process. Our team monitors the progress of your application, addresses any office actions, and ensures your design is adequately protected.

Client-Centric Approach

Our commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering. We prioritize clear communication, transparency, and responsiveness, ensuring that you are well-informed and comfortable with the progress of your design patent application.

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Case Study

Revolutionizing Product Aesthetics


Our client, a renowned consumer electronics company, aimed to protect the innovative design of their flagship smartphone, ensuring exclusive rights to its unique aesthetics in the competitive market.


The client had developed a cutting-edge smartphone with a distinct and captivating design. To maintain their market edge, they needed to secure a design patent that covered the specific ornamental aspects of their product.

What We Did

Our team meticulously analyzed the smartphone's design, focusing on its aesthetic elements. We prepared and filed a design patent application with the Indian Patent Office, highlighting the nuances that set the design apart. Through close collaboration with the client, we successfully secured a design patent that shielded their product's unique aesthetics, bolstering their brand's image.

Elevating Automotive Design Excellence


An automotive manufacturer wanted to safeguard the novel design elements of their electric vehicle, protecting the vehicle's futuristic and aerodynamic appearance.


The client's electric vehicle boasted an innovative exterior design that incorporated cutting-edge aerodynamics and aesthetics. To ensure their design remained exclusive, they sought a design patent to protect it.

What We Did

Our team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the electric vehicle's design features, identifying the aspects that merited protection. We then meticulously prepared and filed a design patent application with the Indian Patent Office, emphasizing the unique elements that made the design stand out. This resulted in the grant of a design patent, safeguarding the client's vehicle design and enhancing its market appeal.

Preserving Luxury in Timepieces


A renowned watch manufacturer aimed to secure design patents for their collection of luxury timepieces, preserving the exquisite and distinctive designs that defined their brand.


The client's luxury timepieces were known for their intricate and unique designs, a hallmark of their brand's identity. To protect these designs from imitation, they sought design patents.

What We Did

Our team meticulously examined each timepiece's design, highlighting the intricate details that set them apart. We prepared and filed multiple design patent applications with the Indian Patent Office, ensuring comprehensive coverage for the entire collection. As a result, our client received a series of design patents, reinforcing their brand's reputation for exquisite design and craftsmanship.

Client testimonial

"Effectual Services ensured our fashion line's unique designs received the protection they deserved. Their expertise in design patent applications was instrumental in preserving our brand's identity."

Chief Design Officer, Luxury Fashion Brand

"We entrusted Effectual Services with securing design patents for our innovative product designs. Their attention to detail and commitment to securing our intellectual property was impressive."

Product Development Manager, Consumer Electronics Company

"Effectual Services played a crucial role in safeguarding our automotive designs. Their understanding of design patents and their meticulous approach made a significant difference in protecting our design innovations."

Design Lead, Automotive Manufacturer


A design patent protects the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of a functional item. It covers the unique visual appearance of a product.

The process typically takes around 12 to 18 months from the filing date to secure a design patent in India.

Design patent drawings should showcase the design from multiple angles, including front, side, top, and perspective views. They should accurately represent the ornamental features.

Yes, you can file for design patents in multiple countries through The Hague System or by filing directly in individual countries where you seek protection.

Design patents in India are granted for ten years from the date of registration.

No, design patents in India do not require the payment of maintenance fees.

Once a design patent application is filed, it cannot be amended to include new features or variations. It's essential to ensure the application accurately represents your design.

A utility patent protects the functionality or how something works, while a design patent protects the visual appearance or ornamental design of a product.

Yes, you can license or sell your design patent rights to others, allowing them to use your design in exchange for royalties or a lump-sum payment.

Effectual Services offers comprehensive design patent application services, including drafting, preparation of drawings, filing, and prosecution. Our experienced team ensures your design innovations receive the protection they deserve.
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